Modern Ceiling Lights for New Build Homes

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These are not your typical ceiling pendant lights! These ceiling lights are a mix between luxury and modern Style and are perfect for them large areas and high ceilings of New/Old homes.

This lights are supplied by us here at Clanrye Lighting and also our online store We had this customer come to us for advise on a new build home with very high ceilings. In which the customer was looking for the designs and finish of the lights to be similar but also stand out with a luxury vibe.


  1. Modern 4 Bulb Chandelier with Metal Piece Cylinder ring 
  2. Zany Chrome Ball Cage Ceiling Chandelier

These are the 2 luxury and modern ceiling lights we recommended to the customer, the reason we selected these was because of the Chrome finish and modern vibe we got of these lights.


You can get in contact with us if you have a new home project or looking to make some modern changes to your home. If you have a style of a room but would like recommendations for lights to suit the style of the room then you can email:


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