Did you know we have a wide stock of Tealight Holders? These stylish Tealights cases will add many of different vibes to your rooms interior from Industrial, Retro or relaxing.  A large amount of people have now added these styles of tealight cases to their bathrooms as its private time to which you can relax […]

Such an amazing year it has been for 2017 but now we have 2018 to look forward to! From recent searches we have found these results for best selling Island Bar Lights. We have picked the top 5 Breakfast Bar Ceiling Pendants that we have found to sell the best. Lucide Geometric Pendant Retro Island […]

We have recently been teaming up with Bennetts Jewellers Newry to bring their new showroom design the best lighting suitable for their theme. The theme that was replicated to us was a professional elegant display of LED modern lighting  along with a classical touch. We will take you through how we completed this theme and […]

Its coming to that time of the year where Newry’s Two shopping centres will come head to head as Christmas sales are rising. With People coming from all over Ireland to visit these two major shopping centres, The Buttercrane and The Quays! Traveling from Dublin, Dundalk and Belfast because Newry is one of the main […]

We have teamed up with one of the best local Accommodation Lodges within Northern Ireland, Flagstaff Newry. With 18 beautifully decorated guest rooms are designed for a great night’s sleep and are fitted with every modern luxury. Flagstaff Lodges came to us again in partnership looking for a multiple of items to keep the rooms […]

One of the rules when trying to add elegance to a room is not to fill the room with lots of crystals or diamonds. Others would say “Less is more”, or a different way of saying this is “keep it simple”. When choosing lights for a traditional home design you must take into consideration whats […]

Ever wonder how the lighting in your home can make a massive difference in the style of your room. You may wonder what I mean by style? well style is like a theme for your home decor. This guide will show you the lights you may want to use when finishing a room that may have […]