• Uppercuts Barber, Warrenpoint

    If your looking to create an interior design for a modern barber shop then Uppercuts Barber shop will give you an inside to industrial retro vibe for both lighting and interior design. This is a Local barber shop in which we had the pleasure to supply lights to finish of the industrial theme in mind.

    From the outside at night the first light you will notice is the Uppercuts Logo sign with LED Spots on the outside of the circular sign. Below the sign in each window there is an extra large open bub light which creates that retro industrial vibe to the rooms interior, with Gray walls and a amber light illuminating these windows are a sensational look!

    This is an eye opener when you walk through the doors, With a wooden desk with Blue LED Strip lights under the counter top to instantly add a piece of modern lighting to this counter. As you can see the industrial design of the whole room the open bulb lights really stand out and also the fisherman wall lights on the back wall really add to this style.

    The fisherman Clear Glass shade look amazing up close with a chrome & silver finish. With the clear open shade that shows the light bulb in action is the perfect way to compliment the open bulbs used for the ceiling lights.

    We would like to take this time to thank Uppercuts Barber Shop for the business and the access to taking these photos and we wish them all the best in their new shop!