• Smart Home

    If you are in the process of planning your new build home (or indeed a business) with an interest in what Smart Home Technologies can offer you then this service is perfect for you.

    Our inhouse specialist team (KNX Ireland) are trained and certified in planning, installation and commissioning of the global recognised and well regarded protocols – KNX and Savant.

    KNX is wired data driven system that allows operation, control and feedback of connected Electrical Devices including everything from a Light Bulb to your HVAC system. KNX is the world’s largest Smart Building Protocol which was achieved through innovative USP’s:

    • KNX allows sideway integration of any number of usually incompatible technologies – for example: Control your heating with via motion detection or allow your light switch to control your Audio
    • KNX has over 3000 products delivered from over 300 manufacturers giving you maximum choice in functionality and aesthetics
    • KNX operates on a ‘BUS’ Line technology which means failure in signal is almost impossible and for this reason it can be used in conjunction with Security technologies
    • KNX has been universally tried, tested and proved to be SECURE!

    Savant originated in USA as a premium Audio Visual System allowing complex distribution throughout the home. In more advanced systems you could be watching a quad screen showing 4 different video inputs with Audio distributed from 1 source to your traditional 5.1 Stereo setup. All this is controllable via an LED Handheld remote control and/or your phone, tablet, PC and indeed KNX.

    The conversation of KNX and/or Savant is a complex one and the learning curve is steep for new inquiries but we like to take our time to introduce the system, discuss any concerns or questions and ultimately find a fit for you and your project.

    If your interested to know more please get in touch with us via the form below or head on over to our dedicated website – KNX Ireland.