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How Lighting Affects Mood

We are sure that anyone reading this post has heard of the term “Mood Lighting” at some stage in their lives but we want to make sure that everyone knows that it is not some gimmick and that lighting can have a massive affect on your mood. So how does lighting affect mood?

Simple Example of Mood Lighting

Mood lighting creates an atmosphere within a room in your home. Mood lighting is often soft lighting that breaks up the light cast by more practical task lighting. It sits with task lighting and convenience lighting to help make up your complete lighting plan.

RGB Spectrum

With different colours representing different moods it is very simple to create the atmosphere for the mood that you are in or for a mood that you are trying to go for! RGB Lights are a simple and cost effective way to give your home the mood lighting treatment and stay on top of the modern trends that could be relevant. Here at Clanrye Lighting we are able to create lighting plans for your home along with supplying everything you might need for mood lighting or any other lighting needs!

Clanrye Electrical Supplies LED Strip Range

Whether it is colour changing bulbs, led strips or colour changing panels that is a sure way to ensure that you can achieve the affect that you desire completely seamlessly whether it is hidden and out of sight until you need it or being the forefront of your home. Come check out Clanrye Lighting and Clanrye Electrical Supplies trade counter for a consultation and maybe getting yourself some lights from us and take control of your mood!

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