2018 Lighting in Newry Showroom


I thought we could help our viewers with ways on how to keep your home lighting design up to date with different themes of lighting such as Industrial, Elegant and Modern. We have a range of new floor lighting, ceiling lighting and also home-ware in our showroom that will be the perfect fit for your home.


This is a selection of our lighting booths, as you can see this is set out for different themes such as elegant lighting, modern ceiling lights and also ornaments for the floor. From Modern Chrome and Glass Ceiling Lights to Industrial floor lamps to suit all different types of interior!


This is a close up shot of the Industrial Floor Lamp that has a tripod stance with three legs finished in black. Adding LED bulbs to the light will glow up the room with a relaxing colour.

This is a Cluster Glass Globe ceiling Pendant which is suitable for living rooms or kitchens. This light has also been featured in restaurants and Cafes. With Fish bowl like Glass Shades and a LED glass rods in the centre of the light really brings out a modern elegant theme type for this light.



Looking for an antique quirky design for your floors or tables? Then check out the glass a wooden candle lit lanterns which are perfect for living rooms, Hallways or Cafes also.

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