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What lighting is best for kitchens?

When choosing what lighting is best suited for your kitchen there are multiple factors to consider and in this post we will go over the mains things to look at.

  • Size of Kitchen
  • Style of Cabinets & Appliances

Lets take one of these points at a time and go over what we need to look out for:
Size of Kitchen

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The size of your kitchen will play a massive factor when selecting what lighting would be best for your kitchen. Larger kitchens will not only require lights that give off a larger amount of light but also will the amount of lights that will be needed with the completely opposite being true for small kitchens.
Here at Clanrye Lighting we are able to do lighting plans for your kitchen for the best configuration of amount and style possible. Small kitchens will require a more cosy and warmer style whereas larger kitchens can use much larger fittings and could be the focal point of your kitchens styling!

  • Style of Cabinets & Appliances

Style is a subjective matter meaning that just because you have a dark interior style that all your lighting styles have to be dark. Contrast can be very good to bring out the parts that you want to stand out the most. Dark style interiors could benefit from brighter styles or ever metalic colours such as copper and the rooms will look more alive, same in reverse could be said about lighter styling. It is always going to be about what you think suits and shows your home how you want it. Get in touch with us and we will be able to show you the best possible combinations in our opinion!

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