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What lighting is good for studying?

When it comes to studying it is extremely important that the area in which you do it is comfortable and well lit.

The most common way to light up a study area is is with some simple desk or table lamps. Here at Clanrye Lighting we have a wide selection of lamps that could fill out your study area in the perfect way. It doesn’t fully matter on what style your study area is. Whether is it a more executive style, retro or modern we have it all in our showroom.

Clanrye Lighting has been open from March 1989 meaning we have seen style and trend changes over all those years however style is a subjective matter so not everyone needs / wants the same style. We have lamps which are luxurious style with crystal or simplistic modern lamps with less clutter. Why not call in and chat to our expert team about some of our lights catered for studying areas!