Elegance Through Lighting


One of the rules when trying to add elegance to a room is not to fill the room with lots of crystals or diamonds. Others would say “Less is more”, or a different way of saying this is “keep it simple”. When choosing lights for a traditional home design you must take into consideration whats best to look at and what space have you got to work with. Take this project for example that was all completed by lighting from Clanrye Lighting and Ideas4lighting.

wall light

A simple upright Candle Wall Light that has been placed on either side of the Large Vintage mirror is a stunning example of how using simple designs can have great affect to the design on selected area. 2 Diamond hanging from the centre sconce with a mirror background to shimmer the light in a relaxing reflection way.


A Large French Ornate Designed Mirror was the perfection addition to this traditional elegant lighting design. With a stunning boarder surrounding the glass mirror with a reflection of the traditional Antique Ceiling Chandelier .





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