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Humble Lights

Our latest Showroom product is a selection of ‘Humble’ lights, all wireless and rechargeable for your convenience. Great for Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants. These lamps add a decorative feature to any space, creating an unmatched asthetic atmosphere. Dozens of colour combinations available, adding a level of personalization that is rarely available. Currently there are 3 models on the market, each having slight differences.

Humble One, Humble Two and Humble One S

All of these stunning lamps are rechargeable, LED lamps that offer dimmable options. Each can be wirelessly recharged via the QI charging dock. The charging stations are available in single dock version, double and a six port option, or keep with the more traditional USB-C wired charger that is included.

Benefits of the Humble One and Two include;

  • Up to 140 hours of light
  • 3 dimmable settings
  • Wireless charging
  • Can be remote controlled

Benefits of the Humble One S

  • Up to 100 hours of light
  • Can be app controlled (via Wi-Fi)
  • Voice controls optional
  • Can control one or a group of lights, individually or all together

Available for viewing in our Showroom

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