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    Lighting Shop Ireland

    With a Lighting Showroom boasting over 5000 sq/ft, Clanrye Lighting on Edward Street Newry have hundreds of unique designer Light Fixtures, Modern Table & Floor Lamps, Quirky Vintage Homewares and Garden Lighting to suit all area’s.

    If your local to Dublin and looking for Lighting Shops in Dublin we are just a short 1 hour journey up the M1 Motorway. You can find us here: Clanrye Lighting Google Maps. Better yet, if you don’t fancy the journey you can shop online with Ireland’s largest online retail shop – ideas4lighting.com, where we have over 40,000 products available!

    Clanrye Lighting have been in business for over 30 years and built up a wealth of international suppliers providing some of the most unique designs around. Our years of experience provide our customer base with upmost confidence they’ll find their perfect Light Fixture meeting both design and suitability.

    Have a look at some of our recent designer pieces:

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    2018 Lighting in Newry Showroom


    I thought we could help our viewers with ways on how to keep your home lighting design up to date with different themes of lighting such as Industrial, Elegant and Modern. We have a range of new floor lighting, ceiling lighting and also home-ware in our showroom that will be the perfect fit for your home.


    This is a selection of our lighting booths, as you can see this is set out for different themes such as elegant lighting, modern ceiling lights and also ornaments for the floor. From Modern Chrome and Glass Ceiling Lights to Industrial floor lamps to suit all different types of interior!


    This is a close up shot of the Industrial Floor Lamp that has a tripod stance with three legs finished in black. Adding LED bulbs to the light will glow up the room with a relaxing colour.

    This is a Cluster Glass Globe ceiling Pendant which is suitable for living rooms or kitchens. This light has also been featured in restaurants and Cafes. With Fish bowl like Glass Shades and a LED glass rods in the centre of the light really brings out a modern elegant theme type for this light.



    Looking for an antique quirky design for your floors or tables? Then check out the glass a wooden candle lit lanterns which are perfect for living rooms, Hallways or Cafes also.

    Follow us on our social media to keep up with the products and services we offer:







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    Relaxing Tealights


    Did you know we have a wide stock of Tealight Holders?

    These stylish Tealights cases will add many of different vibes to your rooms interior from Industrial, Retro or relaxing.  A large amount of people have now added these styles of tealight cases to their bathrooms as its private time to which you can relax and take your mind of things and studies show that having candles lit around the bath lets your brain relax 25% more than normal. Check out a few of the Tealights from Light and Living:

    LIGHT & LIVING Tealight LAPAS matted white-copper rust




    LIGHT & LIVING Tealight LAPAS matted turquoise-copper rust


    LIGHT & LIVING Tealight ROGNES Glass Red


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    Luxury Wall Lights for Hotels

    Luxury Wall Lights for Hotels

    If you are thinking about adding new lights to your new establishment or a new Hotel and you want the most luxury wall lighting for your money? then you need to read this!

    When i think of luxury i think of crystal, Designer and Glass for this lighting theme! here is four simple Wall lights that could change your hotel rooms from Shabby chic to Luxury!:


    SCHULLER Flash Wall Lamp 2L


    Wall lamp of 2 lights made of metal, chrome finish. Two double glass shades, exteriors of molded glass and the inners of faceted clear and smoke crystal. This item includes 2 G9 LED 6W


    SCHULLER Argos Oval Glass Bowl Crystal Rain Drops Wall Light


    Wall lamp made of metal, chrome finish. Shimmered glass shade. Crystal drops inside, Murano style. This item includes 1 G9 LED 6W


    SCHULLER Quasar Copper Wall Uplighter Lamp Lamp with Star Effect


    Wall lamp made of metal. Blown glass shade in copper colour with clear spotted decoration. This item includes 1 E27 LED 10W

    SCHULLER Minerva Wall Lamp 2L


    Wall lamp of 2 lights composed by fine metal chains, nickel finish. This item includes 2 G9 LED 6W


    Visit our online shop for more lighting styles that might suit your businesses decor theme from Antique to Modern!

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    The Perfect Wall Art For Modern Homes


    You may have bought an new home and have recently moved in, the walls look bare and you dont know what to fill them with? Art ? lights? or keep them the same. Well here is an article if your thinking about covering that wall in art. The difference That a piece of art can make is truly amazing and can really set a tone to the rooms vibes.



    Oronegro Photo

    Here we have a stunning piece of wall art with a lady covering one side of her face with a mix of black and gold to set a relaxing modern vibe to the rooms decor.





    Cabeza De Elefante Silver

    Here we have an artistic art piece elephant shape wall art that really sets of a elegant modern artistic to the rooms interior theme





    Ebano Photography 

    How a simple black white and silver image can make a big difference to your walls! A wall painting like this canvas can really add a classical look to your rooms decor!




    Reflejo Photography

    This is another example of how simple coloured paintings can make a big different to the rooms interior as you can see from this picture that the colours used is black and white on a blue background which you might not think of doing because blue and black will not match but this canvas suits perfect to the rooms interior!


    Click here if you want to see more examples of wall art which you could add to your homes interior!